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Designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


About Us

L² Systems specializes in the customization of Allen Bradleyproducts and Rockwell Automation Software. L² Systems develops systems for customer needs that incorporate well thought out features that many others overlook. 


L² Systems specializes in Rockwell Automation™ products. With focussed attention, we can provide superior technical advantages over other firms. L² Systems has technical expertise with staff that have over 30 years individually just in working on Rockwell™ products. This history and experiences gives L²  a distinct advantage when designing systems for new or merging with legacy systems.

If you are looking for clean and straight forward solutions were others make it complicated or offer only full replacement pathways, give us a call. We specialize with:

  • New Systems: Micrologix, Compactlogix, and Controllogix PLCs
  • FTView and Panelview Plus HMI Systems
  • Legacy support: SLC500 and PLC5 – Panelviews and older HMI systems
  • VFD Systems from small to large – (including medium voltage systems)
  • Softstart Systems – Pump control options and large motors
  • Kinetics Motion Control – SECROS and Ethernet based designs – (single and multi axis projects)


Telemetry Solutions:

We have installed and worked on a lot of the systems in the region. We can merge systems for incremental upgrades as well. When our competitors only offer complete replacement with large capital outlays and disruptions to operations, we have many examples of alternate paths. Such as tasking old Autocon modems on leased lines to run Rockwell Compactlogix processors while new network is developed. Porting Autocon master telemetry units straight into Rockwell PLCs to allow integration of the two systems. Merging of S7 PLCs with new Logix and DNP3 protocols. Running DNP3 and Logix protocol over the same radio network. Ideas that allow our clients to pace their transition to meet their budget and infrastructure goals.


Photography by Brittany Lee